Vision, Values & Mission

Who We Are

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be an accepting spiritual home for all, actively glorifying God, sharing in the love of Jesus Christ and witnessing to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Values

  • Celebrating a God whose love never fails
  • Embracing and supporting all people at any stage of life
  • Nurturing growth in each unique faith journey
  • Serving others with humility, compassion and justice

Our Mission

As disciples of Jesus Christ, led by the Spirit,
we are committed to:

  • Deepening our relationship with God and each other
  • Discerning God’s will for our church
  • Caring for our neighbor and one another
  • Cherishing differences knowing we are united in faith
  • Acting as faithful stewards of God’s abundance.

Our Pastors’ Vision

“Comfortably Uncomfortable”
The Church is a collection of saints and sinners, of which even ordained pastors fall short of being a saint. And yet, called by God alone to serve and strengthened by the Spirit,                   we do our best.
Just as Southport Presbyterian is a place of joyful and vibrant worship, a caring and compassionate place of intentional love, it is also to be a safe place to train disciples to serve in God’s world.

As your pastors, this is our vision for Southport Presbyterian.
• A partnership where we can agree to disagree, open our minds to new possibilities and seek to work together following Christ.
• A place of challenge and conviction, a place where if we are listening to God, we will be uncomfortable transformed into a more beloved “Kin-dom of God.”
• A community of service organizations working together across ecumenical, political, racial, financial, sexual orientation and any barriers that might divide, utilizing the gifts, talents, space, finance, resources among others to be the Body of Christ in our community.
• The walls of the church will no longer contain God’s people, the doors will be flung open to live out our faith in the broken world around us.

If we are doing it right, Southport Presbyterian Church will be a “comfortable uncomfortable” place of worship, fellowship, and service. Individually we are created by our Maker to offer praise, love all people, and serve with a servant’s heart. Together, we are called to do the same.

We are more than just a building.

The heart of Southport Presbyterian must be found not within the walls, but in all places our hands, feet and hearts go to support and love those we love… and those only God loves.