Southport Presbyterian (SPC) Volunteers and Boy Scouts Plant a “Stone Soup” Garden for Food Pantry

In keeping with the theme of an old folk story, SPC volunteers from the church’s Mission and Youth Ministries along with Boy Scout Troop 38 gathered together Sunday afternoon at a plot next to the SOIIF Food Pantry to prepare raised garden beds for planting a ”Stone Soup Garden.”

Inspired by the classic tale of villagers working together to create a hearty stew from meager offerings, the project initiative aims to grow fresh vegetables for Food Pantry Clients in the Southport area. The project was originally started by a volunteer who is no longer able to care for the beds.

“In the old folk story of “Stone Soup, villagers who were experiencing a famine, learned that by working together with what they had, they could make a huge pot of soup to feed their hungry families,” said SPC Mission Chair and Elder Linda Becken. “The Food Pantry currently serves about 200 families per month, so by working together, we can provide some fresh vegetables for them to enjoy.”

According to Becken, the project will be ongoing during this growing season with volunteers planting and caring for the garden beds throughout the summer and harvest seasons. The three large beds are surrounded by a fence and have a potable water source available. Those interested in being involved with this mission, can contact Linda Becken at