Kick Off the Fall Season at SPC Rally Day Sept. 10!

All are invited to SPC’s Rally Day Sun. Sept. 10, 2023, featuring the kickoff of the 9:30 a.m. adult Sunday School classes, the weekly 11:00 a.m. worship service and children’s classes, followed by a Ministry Fair sponsored by SPC’s Adult Christian Education and Mission Ministries.

“Our Ministry Fair will provide the chance for both members and those looking for a church home to get reacquainted with the many ways God is at work in our community,” said Sherrill Sykes, Ministry Fair Committee member. “It will provide the opportunity to learn more about the church’s different ministry areas while highlighting the importance of finding one’s place and getting connected to the broader community. There are many ways to tap into all the wonderful ministries of SPC, including volunteering, participating in Sunday school, or joining service initiatives. Rally Day is a great reminder to re-set and bring us back together as the summer winds down and the busy fall activities resume.”

The theme for SPC’s Rally Day 2023 is “We Take Care of Our Own and Our Community,” said Laura Cacchione, SPC’s Mission Ministry member. “It’s based on the movement for Presbyterian churches to become a “Matthew 25 Church, which focuses on Matthew 25: 31-46, the parable of the sheep and goats in which Jesus makes clear, that what we do matters to God and how we treat others is important to God,” said Cacchione. “When we welcome others, we welcome Christ; when we bring together people who are divided, we are doing God’s reconciling work,” she said.
“We are called to serve Jesus by contributing to the well-being of the most vulnerable in all societies – rural and urban, small and large, young and not-so-young. From affordable housing to community gardens to equitable educational and employment opportunities to healing from addiction and mental illness to enacting policy change – there is not just one way to be a part of the Matthew 25 movement.”

According to Sykes this year’s Rally Day aims to inform and invite members to explore the various ministries available. “We thought it would be important for our whole community to experience the breadth and depth of what Southport Presbyterian Church has to offer,” she said. “We’ll be highlighting our ministries and inviting folks to prayerfully reflect on how they might be called to dive into life at the Southport Presbyterian in a new way. People can walk around and visit with different ministry tables, which will provide information about programs offered, ranging from Bible studies and children’s programs to various service initiatives.” She added that praising, growing, serving, giving, belonging, and caring are all interconnected.

“Our Rally Day is an invitation to consider and discern how, where, and with whom you are called to move in grace,” said Cacchione. “The answer will be different for each one of us. “Through engagement in ministry, the congregation strengthens its bonds, nurtures personal growth, and collectively builds a church that flourishes on the principles of grace, love, and compassion.”