Habitat House Wall Blessing

Southport Presbyterian Church (SPC) members, Brunswick County Habitat for Humanity volunteers and family and friends of Stacey Holmes showed their love and support for Stacey, SPC’s Habitat Home Partner and future homeowner, on Feb. 4. Participants wrote well wishes and blessings on the frame of her home, which will be forever encased behind the walls. SPC is the first ever House Sponsor of a Habitat house in Brunswick County. SPC member Suzanne Hayes is Stacey’s Mentor. The home is in the Sea Pines neighborhood of Southport.
Representatives from SPC’s Mission Ministry attended the ground-breaking ceremony on Nov. 28, and the home is scheduled for completion in summer, 2023. As a House Sponsor, SPC contributed $25,000 to offset building costs for Habitat until the home is completed and the owner begins mortgage payments. In addition to financial support, the Mission Ministry pledged a “Faith Stewardship” for Stacey and will continue to pray for her as she journeys through this exciting endeavor and beyond.